Because of their high carbon content, minimal impurities, and appropriateness for essential industrial applications such as steel manufacture, carbon electrodes, refractories, and water treatment, calcined anthracite coals are a special class of coal products that are highly valued. They work in the production of refractory materials and carbon electrodes.
Silicon Carbide
Its adaptability also extends to ceramics and refractories, where it is essential in the production of crucibles, furniture for kilns, and other high-temperature products. In conclusion, Silicon Carbide is a fascinating material with a variety of uses because of the unique mix of mechanical, thermal, and electrical qualities it possesses.
Ferro Alloys
With applications ranging from the production of steel to aerospace engineering, ferro alloys play a vital role in the fields of materials science and metallurgy. They are helpful in a range of industrial industries and aid in the production of high-quality materials due to their ability to precisely manage the alloy's properties.
Semi Coke
Semi Cokes are used to make carbon electrodes for the steel and aluminum industries, where their high carbon purity is crucial. Additionally, they serve as a raw material in the production of chemicals and calcium carbide.
Low Sulfur Pitch Coke
Low Sulfur Pitch Coke is a kind of carbonaceous substance that is utilized in a variety of industrial applications. The low sulphur concentration of this special type of coke makes it particularly helpful in sectors where sulphur impurities may adversely affect machinery and processes.
Silica Fume/Microsilica
Silica fume/microsilica is a remarkable product that is widely employed in a range of industries due to its excellent properties and applications. This tiny, amorphous powder is a byproduct of the production of silicon and ferrosilicon alloys and is mostly composed of very minute silicon dioxide particles.
caustic Soda/Sodium Hydroxide
A useful chemical compound with several uses in a variety of industries is caustic Soda/Sodium Hydroxide. Due to its powerful reactivity, this extremely corrosive and alkaline chemical is a crucial part of many industrial processes. Acid neutralization is its main purpose.
Dicycloamide holds a pivotal role in numerous industrial and agricultural applications. This crystalline compound, characterized by its white hue and composed of carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen atoms, boasts a unique blend of properties that render it highly valuable across a diverse array of uses.

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